Originally known as F & W Amusement Company and later F & W Vending Company, the company was founded by Fred and Christine Burks (pictured) over 70 years ago in Cookeville, Tennessee. Conveniently located in central Tennessee, also known as the Upper Cumberland and more recently known as the “Highlands”, Fixtur World is located within a day’s drive from 75% of the U.S. population.

Every division and department of the company reflects the vision of Horace Burks, CEO and son of the company’s original founders: to provide the best possible quality product and level of service.  Fixtur World makes that possible because we have not outgrown our people or our commitment to excellence.

Fixtur World combines the best traditions of skilled craftsmanship with the most productive modern industrial advances. The company continually researches raw materials, production and fabrication equipment to provide solutions to our customer’s needs. However, we still hand lay our laminates which is an older, more expensive process, but one which provides a more customized, higher-quality product. We employ and retain fine and skilled cabinet makers and furniture assemblers.

Corporate Family

Mario & Marielena

Is a high-end interior design company that specializes in vertical manufacturing and design of Textiles, Bedding, Drapery, Furniture and Accents for luxurious resorts, commercial contract, and boutique hospitality projects.

Livingston Furniture 

Manufactures a full line of residential furniture serving retail outlets in over 30 states. “American made quality furniture for more than 40 years”

Stephen Daniel Editions 

Manufactures custom upholstered furniture — including sofas, chairs and ottomans, sectionals, and a wide variety of specialty upholstered products. Products are sold exclusively through Interior Designers, Design Firms, and Architects.

M&M Hospitality

Interior design isn’t a hobby for Mario and Marielena Hospitality. It is who we are and our reputation depends on providing our customers with quality soft home products and furnishings for residential and commercial use that reflect their interior design needs, tastes, and functionality. We not only believe we need to provide a quality product but we also need to be there for our customers from design conception to installation.”